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Ugar (Stephen) Island 
Disco . . .

A quick Eastern Island boat patrol on PV Conroy allowed the residents of Ugar to experience a long awaited Blue Light Disco.  Ugar is the least populated of the Torres Strait Islands, with only 11 kids enrolled at school.  Unfortunately 3 of them were off the Island, however the 8 remaining kids and their families had such a great time it was hard to believe we didnt have a bigger crowd.  DJ Thomas, Tyson, Anita and Alicia hosted the night.

It was smiles all round as prizes were given out for our favourite dances including the Limbo and Musical Chairs, with Anita and Tyson leading the way in the Nutbush.  The kids absolutely loved it, and the Blue Light Glow Products were a big hit.

Police Vessel Conroy

The kids especially loved Tyson with all his cool moves, and gave him rock star treatment as he was leaving the Island, screaming out his name & waving for his attention.  The kids wanted to police back on the Island the very next day, and can’t wait for the next Police (and hence Blue Light) visit!