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4/5 Behind the dividing wall & shelf on the passenger side the trailer is fitted with 3 x flat screen tvs, each with it's own xbox or ps3 console. The lift up door has gas struts, and when open the tvs are protected by a Perspex screen (which can also be opened).

Our custom built MERV Trailers allow youth in remote areas to enjoy a variety of entertainment usually only enjoyed by their city cousins. Each MERV is designed to cater for events such as Discos, Movie Nights and other audio visual entertainment.

To achieve this they are fitted with items such as:

Speakers, amps, DJ console.
Special effects lights, smoke machine, lighting trusses.
TVs, game consoles (either PS4 or Xbox) and games.
Data projector and 80” pull up screen.
Laptop, digital camera.
Esky, BBQ, table, chairs, catering equipment.
Generator, enabling events to be run outdoors in remote areas.
First Aid Kit, fire extinguishers, floodlights.
Other miscellaneous equipment.


Our most Northern MERV Trailer in the Torres Strait. This photo was taken on the foreshore of Boigu Island

To service the 17 inhabited Islands of the Torres Strait, our MERV is transported by sea, either by SeaSwift Carriers who shift the whole trailer, or via the Police Vessel, in which case the equipment only is taken.

At times the necessary gear is taken by air, via the Police Plane.

The purchase of MERV trailers is made possible through funds supplied by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

The application for and acquittal of grants is an important function carried out by QBLAI State Office.

There are four funding rounds each year, giving us the opportunity to apply for a GCBF grant.

Every MERV is custom built and fitted out in Brisbane before delivery.

Each trailer, including equipment, costs around $30,000.00 to build.

To date, there are 44 MERV trailers located throughout Queensland.




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