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What is Blue Edge?


The EDGE Program uses physical training as a tool to help young people develop discipline, learn goal setting skills and grow through the achievement of personal goals. Improved physical health promotes improved mental health. Youths will learn the importance of team work, and to motivate one another as well as themselves to achieve their goals.


Participants will shower and change into a clean school uniform after each exercise session. Sounds simple, but personal hygiene is an important part of physical well being.


A simple, healthy and hearty breakfast will be provided before participants go to school. It will be prepared while everyone works out, however everyone will help to clean up.


Motivational guest speakers will be invited to address participants during breakfast and until school time. Topics can be modified to meet the particular needs of each community. Simple life skills will also be taught during this time. Participants will be taken to school alert, fed, motivated and ready for learning.

Exercise is an excellent way to improve your mood, decrease stress, increase energy, raise self confidence, look and feel better, and become more productive!

HOW will Blue EDGE work?

Research shows that positive outcomes can be delivered through a diversity of youth program types, delivery locations and program sizes. Australian and international studies suggest a strong relationship between a young person’s engagement in youth programs, a reduced involvement in risky behaviours and activities, and a development of knowledge, skills and competence in a diverse range of life skill areas.*

Our EDGE program is being developed to enable it’s delivery in broadly diverse locations. Young people living in small, isolated communities in remote areas of Qld often have no access to quality programs outside of school. Areas of socioeconomic disadvantage will benefit from EDGE programs being run locally.

EDGE will be able to deliver positive outcomes for participants while adapting to the available resources in each community.

EDGE will rely on the support of local communities, both active and financial, to ensure the best outcomes for participants.

A supportive, community based environment for developing life skills and self confidence will be enhanced by mentoring from Police and Civilian Volunteers.


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